Precision allosteric therapeutics inspired by the body’s natural regulators

At Atavistik Bio, we are revolutionizing the discovery of precision allosteric small molecules. Our highly integrated proprietary drug discovery platform enables us to unlock novel allosteric binding pockets and rapidly advance structural insights into small molecule therapeutics design. This gives the opportunity to rapidly drug high value targets which were previously intractable.

Our Focus

Precision allosteric small molecules offer transformative treatment options for patients across a broad range of diseases. We are internally focused on high value targets for precision oncology and rare diseases with plans to leverage partnerships for other therapeutic areas.



Our Science

The identification of functional pockets is the premise of efficient drug design. However, finding these pockets is a drug discovery challenge. Our validated AMPS platform solves this problem by combining proprietary computational and experimental techniques to unlock cryptic allosteric sites across a broad range of target classes. This versatility enables efficient drug development to treat many diseases.


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Together we are on a mission to discover transformative precision allosteric therapeutics to address serious unmet patient needs.


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