Our Science

Transformative Potential

Allostery holds the potential to modulate intractable targets and to offer better-tolerated, more effective therapies for current sub-optimally treated diseases. However, the systematic discovery of functional allosteric pockets has remained a challenge.

Unlike conventional, small molecule approaches to drug discovery, which focus on targeting active sites or serendipitously drugging allosteric sites, our approach enables us to efficiently and systematically uncover functional allosteric pockets not detectable with other techniques.


Atavistik Metabolite Protein Screening (AMPS)


AMPS Platform Infographic

It has been historically challenging to systematically assess the vast number of potential metabolite-protein interactions and allosteric regulators of drug targets. Atavistik Bio has overcome this challenge using the Atavistik Metabolite Protein Screening (AMPS) platform, which is an enhanced and industrialized version of a technology developed at the University of Utah.

By leveraging our optimized AMPS platform and computational approaches, we aim to evaluate metabolite-protein interactions by screening proteins with our proprietary metabolite library to determine where binding sites with biological relevance might exist and build an extensive protein-metabolite database map (the “Interactome”) to reveal unique insights into the crosstalk between metabolite-protein pathways that were previously thought to be unrelated. Utilizing advanced informatics tools, our deep expertise in chemistry and computationally rich structure-based drug design, we will be able to identify and understand the role of these interactions across important biological and disease-relevant pathways to drive the discovery of novel therapeutics.

Therapeutic Approach

From discovering NOVEL BINDING SITES to designing
Our AMPS technology enables us to efficiently uncovers cryptic functional pockets not detectable with other techniques by using metabolites as ‘bait’ to reveal otherwise hidden allosteric binding pockets on target proteins and functional sites on RNA.
Precision allosteric small molecules offer multiple advantages that can potentially translate to new and better treatment options for patients.
Integration of our proprietary lab and computational capabilities, including our proprietary AI-enabled drug discovery engine, enables us to unlock novel functional pockets, efficiently design small molecules, and rapidly progress chemistry towards the development of allosteric precision therapeutics.
Focused on precision oncology and rare genetic diseases, we look towards the horizon of THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL.
We have a deep discovery pipeline that traverses a broad range of target classes and disease areas. Our internal focus is on precision oncology and rare diseases, with our two lead programs advancing rapidly toward the clinic. We plan to work with partners to extend the reach of our platform to other therapeutic areas, including metabolic and cardiovascular disease, inflammation and immunology disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.